Fiction editor for independent authors of crime, thriller and suspense.

I help independent crime, thriller and suspense authors prepare for publishing by fixing the important details and improving the readability of their books.

Clare Black, fiction editor

What’s stopping you from publishing your book?​

You are a writer first and foremost. Your book is important, and you need to get it written. But do you keep finding reasons to tweak your final draft instead of hitting the publish button?  Perhaps you:

📚 think your writing isn’t good enough

📚 aren’t sure how editing will benefit your book

📚 want your book to be published but are terrified at actually ‘being seen’

📚 know you need some expert help but can’t pinpoint what you need

📚 are nervous about working with an editor

📚 want to get on with writing your next book

📚 think editors are judgemental

📚 find the publishing process overwhelming

📚 think you aren’t good enough to work with an editor

📚 don’t want to deal with the fiddly details

📚 know some elements of your writing need smoothing out

Do any of these thoughts sound familiar?

You are not alone!  I can help you move closer to becoming a published author.

I am friendly, caring and love helping authors get published. Your success is my success!

Have a look at my editing packages to see how I can help you.

How you can work with me

Story editing package

For writers who are satisfied with the overall structure and bigger picture of their story

Gets your story into shape ready for formatting and proofreading

Improves readability

Addresses the awkward details

Leaves you to get on with writing!

Mini story editing package

For writers who are satisfied with the overall structure and bigger picture of their story

Ideal for writers with a smaller budget

First 10,000 words edited

Gives professional guidance to help writers self-edit the rest of their story

Proofreading package

For books that have already been professionally line edited and copyedited.

The quality control check

A final opportunity to catch remaining errors before publishing

I work with authors of


Psychological and legal thrillers




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