copyediting for crime, thriller, mystery and suspense authors

Copyediting package

My copyediting service concentrates on coherency, clarity, consistency and correctness. This is for authors who are fundamentally satisfied with the way they have written their final draft and who don’t want the depth of a line edit. 

Package price: from £17 per 1,000 words (subject to seeing whole manuscript) 

My rates are in line with the minimum hourly rates suggested by the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP).

What does copyediting cover?

My copyediting service concentrates on coherency, clarity, consistency and correctness, and addresses the following:

  • Consistent use of tenses
  • Repetition, redundancy and clarity
  • Consistent style in spelling, capital letters, numbers and dates
  • Grammar, punctuation and spelling errors
  • Use of conscious language
  • Query obvious plot holes, factual inaccuracies and inconsistencies
  • Applying MS Word styles
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What's included?

  • Copyedit in Microsoft Word using track changes 
  • Two copies of your edited story (one showing track changes and one with all changes accepted)
  • Style sheet

Sample edit

I am happy to provide a free sample edit. 

I ask to see the whole manuscript and will choose a short section from the text.

More kind words...


Clare did a meticulous job in correcting all errors and raising queries as appropriate. Clare worked to some tight deadlines and the series is much improved as a result. I’d highly recommend Clare for proofreading and editing work.

David Stott, Project Manager, University of Law Publishing